Digital UPS

Usually, there are two different power backup systems in a home. First is the inverter for household appliances while the other is a UPS for providing backup to your computer. This means you would be spending on purchasing and maintaining two separate products. This could become a headache if power failures are as frequent as in recent times.

The Digital UPS is an innovative new concept that has revolutionised the power sector. The system is more powerful, affordable and reliable. Its a great 2-in-one product that is designed to take care of backup needs of all the home appliances, including your computer system.

The Modified Sine Wave

Digital UPS is usually based on Modified Sine Wave. It is something in between a Sine Wave and a square wave with benefits of both. A digital UPS can be a great asset in a number of ways including

* Less buying price as you would be purchasing only one system instead of two
* Less maintenance cost for the same reason
* Longer Backup for computer
* Works well with all the electronic devices
* Lower Operating Cost